We Are Social and Hootsuite’s Digital 2019 reports that total number of active internet users are 4.388 billion and active mobile internet users are 3.986 billion.

GlobalWebIndex reports that 92 percent of internet users now watch videos online each month, meaning that more than 4 billion people around the world are consuming online video content in early 2019.

Over celullar network, we are enriching their lifestyle of watching videos and live streaming events, playing games, streaming TV content and shopping online.

With negligible capex cost, telecom operators could generate new revenue stream and maximise profit.

KLIX TV creates an innovative shared-economy platform congregating supply and demand, telecom operators and end-users under one roof.
  • Telcos
  • TV Broadcasts
  • Content Owners
  • App Developers
  • Media & Publishers
  • Consumer Brands


KLIX TV brings digital economy to mass households. As video consumption increases so will advertising revenue. KLIX TV provides a seamless shopping experience, transforming traditional telecom services i.e based on Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) to Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). KLIX TV isn’t limited to becoming a single device internet of Everything (IoE) in every home.

Triple Play Over Cellular Network

Our Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy is to work hand-in-hand with local telecom operators. Our video compression and network optimization technology improve content delivery over existing cellular network infrastructure offering near-fibre quality triple play experience.

Maximise Revenue Margin,
Maximise Delivery Cost

Traditional telecom services remain under pressure, although monetization is increasing in data business. Cost of serving existing customers offsets profit.

With KLIX TV, telecom operators will expect significant growth and customer retention by enriching their viewing experience and video consumption over existing cellular networks.


KLIX TV, a wholly owned subsidiary of YAZ Ventures, is a global technology and service provider founded in 2017. With its compression and data optimization technology, KLIX TV delivers cloud based broadcast delivery network, live streaming content, video-on-demand, channel playout, content aggregation and management over public internet network. KLIX TV aims to give everybody access to the Internet, enriching lifestyle and empowering digital economy, especially in rural and suburban areas.

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